Long life and healthy living is what Ayurveda assures to give to the world and this is what we are extending to world through our quality Ayurvedic medications developed in most hygienic conditions under strict quality control measures. At Lifecare Formulation we abide to the firm standards for quality control of our herbs. We successfully create the best varieties of pharmaceutical-grade Ayurveda products using the wonderful combination of tools of modern science and extensively researched Ayurveda’s herbal traditions. We very well understand the importance of the quality of raw materials that go in manufacturing quality products and therefore take quality control measures right from selection of raw materials and packaging materials and adopt standard protocols at every step of product manufacture including the quality checking of semi-finished and finished products. Every product goes into market passes through stringent quality control at every step.

Our quality control department is well managed by a team of experienced professionals and supported by a set of laboratories that work in coherent fashion under the same umbrella. The vision of this quality control department of our company is to dedicate themselves in improvement of health and well being of our society by providing quality products manufactured using the best talent of our people with new technology. We have well equipped advanced laboratories where the tests are conducted pertaining to quality control as per the Pharmacopoeial Standard.


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